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The Digital Marketing Student's Super Bundle

This is your all-in-one resource for mastering the fundamentals and exploring advanced strategies in digital marketing. This covers the basics of every complex ad platform and advances you to complex strategies and testing ideas to stay ahead in this ever-changing industry.

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Course #1 Digital Marketing 101: The Building Blocks of Effective Online Marketing $499

Course #2 PPC Power Play: Mastering Industry & Market Research for Campaign Domination $399

Course #3 Templates, Calculators, Scripts, & Decision Trees: An All-Inclusive Toolkit For Powering Up Your Marketing $1,499 Value

Course #4 The Google Ads Profit Playbook: Turning Pay-Per-Click Into Profit In 2023 $999 Value

Course #5 Facebook Ads Mastery: The Ultimate Scroll-Stopping Strategies $499 Value

Course #6 The Ultimate Landing Page Optimization Masterclass: Crafting High-Converting Pages With Advanced CRO Strategies $1,299 Value

Course #7 Strategic Creativity In Marketing: Fusing Innovation And Strategy For Results $499 Value

Course #8 Narratives with Numbers: Crafting Compelling Strategies With Data And PPC Reporting $399 Value

Course #9 Supernova Strategies For PPC Profitability: Building Comprehensive Strategies From Ground Zero To Genius Growth $299 Value

Course #10 Quantum Marketing: Advanced Marketing Strategies Exposed $299 Value

Course #11 Crack The Code To Conversion Tracking: Scale Campaigns With Profit Tracking Mastery $199 Value

Course #12 YouTube Ads Decoded: From Views to Conversions $199 Value

Course #13 Google Local Service Ads: Maximize Locality for Far-Reaching Profits $99 Value

Course #14 Paid Ads Powerhouse: Scaling PPC Success With Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok & Pinterest $99 Value

Course #15 On the Edge of Success: The Path To Personal & Professional Growth $1,199 Value

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